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21 April 2011 @ 10:27 pm
Stay with T-Mobile or Move on to Verizon???  
I'm thinking of buying out of my contract with tmobile ($200) and signing up w/ verizon. My job offers 20% discount on talk, text, and data plans, 25% off of accessories, and I really want an iPhone. I can actually do this because I have some money set aside. Now this would basically wipe out one of my savings account, but I have a back up that I never touch in case things get rough.

I was planning on buying an unlocked iPhone from eBay, but I was crunching the numbers and it just made more sense to just switch carriers and move to Verizon because by moving I get the iPhone 4 (while on eBay I was only going to get the 3GS), and I'd have access to an iPad which one day I plan on getting, maybe when my laptop starts acting up (and that better not be for another few years).

I like T-Mobile's customer service, it really is 5 stars, but I'm really starting to get fed up with their lack of phone options, and I was thinking of getting an HTC HD7, but they want a ridiculous amount of money.

My current bill with T-mobile is about $111 a month (unlimited everything) including taxes.

With Verizon it would be $74 (450 minutes, unlimited everything else) not including taxes, so I'd say about $100 when all is said and done.

I'm not phased by the minute decrease because I never talk on the phone at all anyway. I work 9-5 every weekday, and even before that I was never a big talker, I'm a texter, and I'm always using the internet on my current phone (Blackberry Bold).

For the phone (iPhone 4 32GB), activation fee, and accessories it comes to about $348.

IDK, I guess I just want a little guidance.
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